Eine Illustration mit der Überschrift Conformity Assessment, auf der ein Buch, ein stilisiertes Labor und ein Mann und eine Frau zu sehen sind.

Central Asia: A comprehensive programme with an excellent offer

In April of this year, a seminar on organizing and carrying out comparison measurements for calibration and testing laboratories took place in Astana, Kazakhstan. The group of participants was mixed, leading to a broad and complementing range of capabilities and knowledge of the representatives of the national metrology institutes, accreditation bodies, proficiency test providers and…

A statue of the goddess Justitia holds a pair of scales.

Quality Infrastructure and Good Governance

The term “good governance” is often understood as conducting the public affairs of a country responsibly. Good governance is a key element of Germany’s development cooperation policy. Its goal is to make sure that a government uses its political power responsibly and handles public resources with care. Good governance implies that the state assumes a…

A yellow truck, four cars and a motorbike drive along a country road in Colombia


A new technical standard is being developed in Colombia to promote the transformation of black slag into a secondary raw material that can be used for road construction. On 8 March 2023, in a hybrid meeting, representatives of the Industry Management Directorate and Colombian Steel Producers Committee of the National Business Association of Colombia (ANDI),…

Some modern building with a glass front and a monument showing the logo of NIMT.

Congratulations – it’s NIMT’s 25th anniversary!

The National Institute for Metrology in Thailand, NIMT, is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its founding this summer. As PTB and as the International Cooperation group, we wish to congratulate NIMT and send our best wishes on this special occasion. There was also a change of office in the NIMT board this year. Dr. Pornchai…

A medal made of copper showing a person with wings. This person is a genius holding a circle in their hand which is used to measure the world globe.

60 years of technical cooperation – PTB as a partner for sustainable development

As PTB, we have been working for 60 years on behalf of the Federal Government with developing and emerging countries to promote sustainable economic, social and ecological development. We are thus one of the four governmental implementing organisations of development cooperation (DC) in Germany. In DC, we distinguish between two types of projects. Bilateral cooperation…

Various hoisted flags of southern African countries lined-up.

Congratulations: SADCA obtains its international recognition

Congratulations are in order for our partners in Southern Africa. On 23 March 2023, the Southern African Development Community Cooperation in Accreditation Mutual Recognition Arrangement (SADCA MRA) was accepted as a recognized Regional Accreditation Cooperation. This official recognition was given by the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) MRA for the accreditation of calibration and testing…

A blue world map focused on the African continent made of dots. The map features red circles and points connected by fine lines.

Quality for Africa: Assessing Zambia’s national quality infrastructure

The Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) has published a new assessment report providing an analysis of the national quality infrastructure (NQI) of Zambia. PTB is supporting the implementation of a long-term strategy called “Quality for Africa” within the scope of the Pan-African “Upgrading of Quality Infrastructure in Africa” project. One of the objectives is to assist the…

Two men are shaking hands and smiling at each other, on the left is Dr. A K Tripathi, Adviser to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and to the right is Dr. Sushil Kumar, National Physics Laboratory of India. In the background more people can be seen sitting and standing.

International forum to strengthen the Indian photovoltaic industry through QI

The International Forum on Quality in the Indian Photovoltaic Sector was held in New Delhi from 28 February to 2 March 2023. The forum brought together policy makers, regulators, quality infrastructure representatives and national as well as international photovoltaic experts to discuss challenges and solutions in the field of quality infrastructure (metrology, standardization, accreditation and…